Smart Building

Smart building solutions increase productivity, efficiency, and comfort but reduce energy costs.

Audico's RoomSense and other Smart building solutions can smoothen working days by giving knowledge of the Audiovisual equipment and building environment. Smart building solutions are sustainable. For example, the solutions can monitor the number of users present and adjust the lighting and other equipment accordingly. Because energy is used only when needed in the property and rooms, smart building solutions reduce carbon footprint.

Smart Building solutions save time and money: they support the maintenance of the property. When the data produced by the equipment is analyzed using artificial intelligence, operations can be made systematically, and resources allocated correctly. In case of possible errors, the error and solution to fix it can be found before the user is affected by it. So, in short: Smart building solutions let you concentrate on your work.

Check out our references below, how we have helped companies to focus on their work and be carbon-neutral with our smart building solutions.


Pro Nemus Showroom

Pro Nemus Showroom

Metsä Group wanted to create a new and spectacular showroom alongside their bio-product factory to showcase their product journey from the forest to the factory and ready-made products.  Audico was chosen to implement the impressive AV solution for their Pro Nemus-showroom.
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