Data protection policy

1.5.2023 / V 1.1

Handling of personal data

Audico protects the personal data of its customers and service users and, in its operations, adheres to the Personal Data Act, other relevant legislation and good privacy practices. This policy explains how Audico collects and processes personal data.

We want to take good care of your personal data and about you as a customer.

The primary reason for processing personal data is the use of Audico's services or the user's consent. We treat personal data for sales and marketing purposes, in customer service and customer-related purpose, as well as in developing customer satisfaction and our services.

Audico's electronic services, such as the website or the newsletters, may contain links or access to other operators' websites or services. You can be redirected to our service provider's pages, for example when purchasing in our online store. Audico is not responsible for third party data protection policies or terms of use. Audico may also have separate service-specific terms, which means that these general terms and conditions are applied secondary.

By submitting your personal data to Audico, you agree to the terms of this data protection policy.

The personal data is processed in protected, data-secure systems. Access to personal data is limited only to those people who need them. The processing of personal data requires logging into the system with a personal user name and password.


  • Register and Data Protection Policy
  • Cookies and Other Identification Information
  • Prohibition of Marketing

1. Register and data protection policy

1.1.    Data controller

Audico Systems Oy / business ID: 0679184-3

Address:  Olarinluoma 12, 02200 Espoo

Head of register: Marcus Päiviö - phone: 040 744 1140– e-mail:

Name of the register: Customer and marketing register for Audico Systems Oy

1.2.    Legal basis for and purpose of processing personal data

The person's contact information in the register is used for Audico's customer service, customer relationship management and related communication. The data is also used for marketing communication and informing as well as for the development of customer satisfaction and our services.

1.3.    Legal basis for and purpose of processing personal data

The data content of the register consists of the following information:

  • Person's name
  • Person's contact information (phone number, e-mail address, title, language, profession / industry)
  • Information about the company that the person represents (company name, address, billing information, e-mail, business ID, industry)

Depending on the intended use, certain tasks are mandatory so that, for example, the purchase opportunity can be handled in a need-based manner.

Data that has been collected in the register via e-mail, telephone or web service, data on use of the service as detected and derived and data collected via forms:

  • Registration information, such as user name, nickname, password and any other identifier
  • Payment details, such as credit card details
  • Additional information (assigned by the person, such as free formatted message or response and other contact)
  • Contact groups (registered interests), permits and consents, prohibitions
  • Other identification data (including the person's public IP address)
  • Follow-up tasks (follow-up tasks of electronic marketing actions)
  • Information about cookies (read more about our cookie policy later)

From events, the personal information is supplemented by:

• Information about participation and possible food allergies / special diets

1.4.    Standard sources of data

  • With the person's consent, via the web service's forms or information received via sales or presentation occasions.
  • Information collected automatically by the web service for analysis and development.
  • As well as purchased personal data for any single campaigns.

1.5.    Standard disclosure and transfer of data

The data is processed in the EU or EEA area by data controllers or persons who have been accredited by the controller to handle personal data (such uses include used server halls, system file backup and databases).

Personal information is not disclosed to anyone and is used only by Audico. Audico can use subcontractors and service providers for technical maintenance of its services, customer service, user data management and analysis, surveys, customer communications or the implementation of various campaigns. Your personal information may be disclosed only to the extent that it is involved in the performance of Audico's services and the purposes described in this Data Protection Policy.

The data will be stored if the customer relationship can be regarded as valid and for a reasonable period after the termination of the customer relationship.

1.6.    Principles for register protection

We pay attention to data protection and security in all our operations. We use appropriate physical, technical and administrative safeguards to protect your personal information. Data protection and information security are taken care of by specially appointed persons. Only those employees who need to process customer information for their work are eligible for the use of the customer information system. Data is collected in databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means.

1.7.    Transparency and correction

Each person who has registered has the right to check their own data stored in the register and request for correction. A correction request is made via e-mail to the contact's e-mail address. By default, the request for transparency / correction is addressed to personal data that can be associated with the sender's email address, unless the person who sent the request was identified in some other way.

1.8.    Other rights related to the processing of personal data

A person has the right to prohibit the data controller from processing information about him or her for direct marketing, distance selling and other direct marketing, or during marketing and opinion surveys. If a person wants to prohibit such activity or remove his or her personal data from our processing, he or she can contact the data controller via e-mail. Please note that for security reasons we may need to verify the person before we address the request.

1.9.    Right of appeal

If you believe that the processing of your personal data violates the regulations of processing personal data, you have the right to appeal this to the supervisory authority.

1.10.  Changes in this data protection policy

Audico may make changes to this Privacy Statement from time to time without prior notice. Changes may also have to do with legislative changes. The data protection policy can always be found on Audico's web service.

2. Cookies and other identifying information

2.1.    Generally about cookies

Our web service uses cookies to improve the user experience (tracking cookies) and to activate the features of the service (functional cookies). A cookie is a text file that is stored on a user's computer for a specified period when the user visits a web service page. If you want, you can avoid using cookies by setting your browser settings so that cookies are not saved during use. However, this can affect the website's functionality and user experience, or in some cases prevent full use.

2.2.    Tracking cookies

The site collects user statistics to track page activity, develop it and plan marketing. In addition, the site collects target audience data and data on subject areas (Google Analytics Demographics), possibly combining user tracking information with e.g. age, gender and user interest groups. You can change the settings to collect this information through your Google Account. You can disable Google Analytics tracking if you prefer by using the browser extension (

We conduct remarketing based on online behavior on the web and social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

2.3.    Functional cookies

The functional areas of the web service that require a user to log in or identify in some other way require cookies to work. The cookie information stores necessary information about the user and the cookie is deleted either after a deadline or when the user logs out.

2.4.    Other identifying information

In connection with the use of the web service, the web service user's identification information is stored in the server and the web service's log files (eg IP address, opened page and downloaded files and any errors caused during use) and collects information about how the website's user interface works (storage, heatmap data, form usage data). The purpose of collecting this information is to monitor and develop the service and continuously improve fault tolerance and security.

3. Marketing ban

You can ban all marketing from Audico Systems Oy by contacting:

Marcus Päiviö - phone: +358 40 744 1140 – e-mail:

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