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At Audico we offer a cutting-edge digital signage solution that helps businesses of all sizes increase their sales and improve their brand awareness. Our digital signage solution is designed to be advanced, integrated, and automated, providing businesses with a powerful marketing tool that delivers measurable results.

Our digital signage solution uses the latest technology to create eye-catching displays that capture your target audience's attention. Our digital signage solution offers endless possibilities for creating engaging messaging with high-definition videos, interactive content, and other advanced features. It can be integrated with other systems, such as point-of-sale systems, to provide real-time pricing and product information. This integration also allows businesses to create dynamic displays that respond to changes in inventory, pricing, and other factors.

Our digital signage software allows businesses to automate content delivery, ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time. This level of automation not only saves time but also ensures consistency across all displays. This solution is a cost-effective marketing tool that offers businesses a high return on investment. By delivering targeted messaging to your audience, our digital signage solution can increase sales and improve brand awareness, helping you achieve your business goals. The solution offers endless possibilities for creating engaging messaging with high-definition videos, interactive content, and other advanced features.


The use of video for communication has grown significantly. Not only the number of TV channels, but also newspapers produce their own streaming broadcasts, companies produce their own interim reports, product announcements and training videos, religious communities reach their community via streaming, private social media influencers produce videos on different streaming platforms. All of them are united by the fact that the video message must be of even higher quality in order for it to stand out.

Producing high-quality video is much more than just the right equipment. Each customer has their own individual needs for their communication, and each space also has its own limitations or possibilities for producing a video stream. Points to consider are, for example, camera shooting directions, good lighting, clear audio and branding of the message. Everything has to work seamlessly and reliably together every day and every time. Audico Systems' mission is to help customers fulfill their communication needs individually in a way that also respects and supports the customer's own world of values. We value investments and want to responsibly promote sustainable development by delivering reliable and sustainable solutions. We dare to challenge both ourselves and the customer's wishes in order to implement together the best solution with a longer life cycle.

Audico Systems has a lot of experience in system deliveries for various customer groups, such as companies, churches, arenas, theaters and TV companies. We are a device manufacturer or independent of technology, but we prefer cooperation with trusted manufacturers and brands, such as NewTek, SIENNA, Canon, BirdDog and Kiloview. Of the IP-based video protocols, NDI developed by NewTek is currently the most widely supported and our specialty, but we are also familiar with other network protocols.

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Dance House Helsinki

Dance House Helsinki

Dance House Helsinki opened last year in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, fulfilling a dream that has been alive and well among dancers for decades. We, Audico Systems, designed and implemented the house's advanced sound, lighting, video, Info-TV, and IT network systems. It is rare to see a performance space like the Dance House Helsinki in Finland, where sophisticated cultural venues of this size are built only once or twice a decade.
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The use of digital solutions in stores is part of KappAhl's new and fresh store concept. Audico has supported KappAhl in designing the audiovisual implementation and has already delivered the systems to thirty stores in Sweden.
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