Houses of Worship

Clear sound and visuals are crucial in today’s worship venues, such as churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues. It is essential that the worshippers can hear everything during sermons or ceremonies, no matter where they are seated. During and after the pandemic, some people prefer streaming over participating on-site. In addition to offering outstanding lighting and sound solutions, we have developed streaming solutions that are easy to use so that people working at the premises, for example, the usher. Some of the houses of worship are old and dignified, so all the audiovisual elements must be imperceptible or suitable for the place's atmosphere and interior. We at Audico are skilled in designing, installing, and troubleshooting any house of worship stage lighting to look great in person and on video.


Alexander Church

Alexander Church

During the pandemic, the Church of Alexander's members in Tampere realized they need a solution to make their services remotely available. For this, Audico created an easy streaming solution. Some unnoticeable technical equipment was also required to make it happen.
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