Vizrt TriCaster Mini Line

TriCaster Mini Go is the latest and most cost-effective way to join the TriCaster family!
Mini Go continues the proven and reliable all-in-one desktop format, with the ability to connect Mini Go's internal media players and graphics to external NDI sources, as well as adding external HTML graphics via Live Link and much more...

TriCaster Mini X and Mini 4K offer more channels, recording, user-defined macros and support for higher UHD resolutions in the same package.

Main Features

  • Scalable - TriCaster can be used in its simplest form for single-camera broadcasts, multi-camera productions with recording and slow-motion, and TV/net TV broadcasts. Video clips, images, logos and audio can be added to the broadcast from the TriCaster's internal media players. The NDI transfer protocol now also allows camera management over a public IP network, allowing camera signals alone to be sent remotely to the studio, or alternatively, part of the event workflow can be carried out remotely.
  • Efficient - TriCaster is the most cost-effective live mixer, combining software-based upgradability with a reliable standardised hardware base from a single manufacturer.  TriCaster's core was developed internally to work with the NDI architecture even before the expansion to an actual IP network. This allows TriCasters to receive more NDI signals compared to other mixers. The software-based nature of the TriCaster allows it to be upgraded and developed to meet new production and streaming technologies, keeping it at the forefront of developments.
  • Reliable - Vizrt selects and tests the appropriate components in collaboration with various component manufacturers to ensure that they work reliably and are best suited for software development. A standardized hardware base facilitates software development, as new versions can be tested on known hardware sets. Similarly, a standardised hardware base makes it easier for users to ensure that the promised features work and do not depend on separately purchased components.

Technical Features

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