Due to rapid technological development in our field, it is vital to know and manage the latest innovations. Audico is thorough in the selection of partners and represents manufacturers who are at the forefront of technical development. The Audico philosophy is always to find the most suitable technical solution for the client's needs, offering the most value for the client’s investment.  

Competence in system engineering and years of experience dictate the technologies we use and manufacturers who we select as our partners.

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Secure AV

Audiovisual systems in meeting rooms, boardrooms, command and control environments and other business critical spaces often host a mix of systems belonging to different security domains and sometimes even guest devices. Sharing computer peripherals such as displays, keyboard and mouse and even audio systems between these systems might impose a security threat as most peripherals have no security mechanisms and are therefore vulnerable to malicious attacks.
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Smart Building

Smart building solutions increase productivity, efficiency, and comfort but reduce energy costs.‍ Audico's RoomSense and other Smart building solutions can smoothen working days by giving knowledge of the AV and building environment. Smart building solutions are sustainable. For example, the solutions can monitor the number of users present and adjust the lighting and other equipment accordingly.
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Service & Maintenance

At Audico, we want to offer our customers Audiovisual systems with a first-class level of service. We aim to help our customers throughout the whole life cycle of their Audiovisual investments and to be a long-time partners.
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Digital Signage

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Control room

The control and monitoring room is a central space where rooms, traffic, and operations can be monitored and controlled 24/7. Control rooms are typically tightly secured. Control rooms can be present in almost all industries, particularly those that rely on fast-paced resource distribution and are mission-critical.
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Broadcast & Streaming

Audico is a highly experienced system integrator specializing in selling and integrating IP-based systems based on leading transport protocol NDI (Network Device Interface). NDI is a worldwide-known protocol for streaming and live applications. Within several years, Audico has delivered various Live Production systems to customers like enterprise customers, churches, E-sport, theaters, and TV broadcasters.
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Projection & Video

Audico has long experience and strong expertise as a supplier of top-level visual solutions. High-quality displays, screens, and projectors help our customers tell their stories, stand out and strengthen their brands.‍ We are known to meet the customer's expectations. Whether it is delivering a single screen for a meeting room or implementing large LED screens for a demanding event environment, we want to find the most suitable solution that serves the customer's needs.
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Audico offers lighting systems for example, facades, lobbies, conference rooms, cultural facilities, and exhibitions and events. At a theater, spectacular stage lighting gives an unforgettable experience to the viewer.
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Audico System is a leading audio systems integrator with a strong focus on designing and implementing every kind of system, from stadiums to theaters, schools to corporate meeting rooms, and broadcast studios to airports. Every space has its unique character, setting requirements for sound systems.
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Collaboration systems

We at Audico offer high-quality audiovisual solutions for companies and organizations operating in multiple industries. We design audiovisual solutions for corporate meeting rooms to grand arenas, and everything in between. Our Audiovisual solutions enable your office or premises to interact seamlessly with its owners, employees, or clients.
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