Viz Connect Tetra

Traditionally, live production has required multiple video converters and software platforms for different needs. Remote production requirements typically add further complexity and conversions, especially with cloud integration. Viz Connect Tetra alleviates this by combining the transformations and connectivity required for remote production on a single device, revolutionizing workflow, scalability and stability for live production.

Main Features

  • Conversions - Viz Connect Tetra acts as a connection and conversion device for the live event venue with four IO channels supporting up to 4K quality. Tetra's I/O channels can be used from NDI to 12G-SDI, 12G-SDI to NDI or even NDI to NDI. With Tetra's built-in tools, white balance and colour corrections can be made directly during conversion. For audio conversion, Tetra offers NDI®, SDI, ASIO or WDM streaming audio cards and each of the four IO channels supports 16×16 audio routing. Viz Connect Tetra is the first to offer direct support for Flowics HTML5-based graphics conversion to SDI interfaces.
  • Connectivity - Tetra's NDI Bridge is integrated into the device's user interface and allows you to send and receive NDI for remote production anywhere in the world. Viz Connect Tetra can be effortlessly used with TriCaster, Vizrt graphics solutions and other real-time NDI and SDI production systems. NDI Bridge's built-in encoding capabilities allow users to choose from NDI High Bandwidth or NDI HX with bandwidth control - which is also suitable for slower connection speeds.
  • Post-production - Viz Connect Tetra also provides seamless cloud connectivity to post-production tools. Editors, producers and supervisors no longer need to be in the same room, as the encrypted connection between Viz Connect Tetra and NDI® Bridge allows a 4K signal to be monitored over a public network, even thousands of miles away.

Technical Features

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